Your 2019 GOTY?

With 2019 coming to a close I thought it was time to reflect on what a stellar year weve had game wise (apologies the poll would only allow for 20):

  • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
  • Death Stranding
  • Control
  • The Outer Worlds
  • Pokémon Sword and Shield
  • Resident Evil 2
  • Apex Legends
  • Gears 5
  • Devil May Cry 5
  • Shenmue 3
  • Fire Emblem: Three Houses
  • Metro Exodus
  • Untitled Goose Game
  • Super Mario Maker 2
  • Disco Elysium
  • Wolfenstein: Youngblood
  • Monster Hunter World: Iceborne
  • Outer Wilds
  • Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers
  • Other: Comment Below?

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I really only play indie games now, and I don’t have a modern console. I don’t play FPS (other than Killing Floor 2) or really even 3rd person games due to increasing motion sickness issues. I think my days of playing overhyped, overbudgeted $59.99 multi-platform titles are largely over now, for better or worse.

So my tastes are esoteric.

On Steam I nominated for Game of the Year Pathway, which is essentially pixelized Indiana Jones meets mini turn-based tactical strategy battles, with a wide variety of characters and abilities. The tiny German dev team has really worked hard on addressing criticism and complaints about the game’s early builds and it’s made a remarkable player reviews turnaround from mixed to “Overwhelmingly Positive.” :slight_smile:

It’s obviously not going to win anything like that a field of mega million dollar budget gorillas, but it did win a story-focused award at a games show in Europe.

For Best Visuals (but I’d consider a GOTY nomination too) I’d nominated on Steam – technically still in early access but already quite polished – the fabulous pinball game Demon’s Tilt (now also out on PS4 and Switch I believe):

I’m also belatedly – because initially I found the game Just Too Darn Tough – enjoying the roguelite isometric, pixelized ARGP Children of Morta. It tends to get imho incorrectly categorized as “another Diablo game,” when the controls are really more twin-stick shooter with Ranged characters, more brawler with Melee types.

Features beautiful artwork, animations and music, and challenging combat on procedurally generated levels, although the caves the first few levels can feel tiresome. All the characters eventually have some degree of synergy with each other in terms of passive skills and bonuses, so it rewards putting some play time into all characters. Although the “corruption” gameplay mechanic, which essentially penalizes you for doing too well with a given character, is a sore spot for some.

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I gave my vote to Fire Emblem: Three Houses

The game I played and got most fun out of in 2019 is Beat Saber (came out last year)

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It was on the list but I had to cut it :frowning: I had about 52 games on there but when I went to load the poll it told me I was only allowed 20 lol. “The game was fully released out of early access on PC on May 21, 2019”

I think I would have voted for Chippy, maybe, if I wasn’t so bad at it.

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For games released I liked mordhau the most this year, very cool monty python medieval knight game that you swing swords at each other

I like deep rock galactic so far in terms of update content this year they released some nice stuff but its an old game,left&crop=1200:628.272251309,smart&overlay-height=15p&overlay=%2Fwatermark%2Ft5_3iufz.png%3Fs%3D57fa344085b468f4ba0c613da49d6374945d6b4e&width=1200&height=628.272251309&auto=webp&s=9f61a07ca78f1e0e1af4ec396c41252487dfe225

for games rereleased this year i guess halo reach is the one i played the most :frowning: not really up to date on many games

but i love helldivers liberty update this year too!

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I might’ve said Division 2 but after I enjoyed almost 200 hours of Tom Clancy’s The Division, some sort of engine tech change made D2’s motion sickness/nausea inducement impossible for me to deal with (and not just me; I saw many other players complain about this at D2 forums). I wish I hadn’t wasted money on it.

Steam’s 2019 voting started now that the nominations were made:

Just reminds me how out of touch I am. I only ever played 3 of these. I found Risk of Rain 2’s frantic pacing not my taste, and Remnant made me motion sick on its endlessly confusing levels. My Friend Pedro is a fun side-scroller blaster, but it’s too short and I’d not really call it Innovative.

I’m just grateful to some indie studios (clearly Arrowhead’s leaving isometric behind) for keeping the isometric and top down gaming viewpoints alive, so I still have something to play. If gaming were left only to AAA budget studios, I’m convinced the gaming world would be 1st and 3rd persons shooters, maybe sports games, and literally nothing else.

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My Steam Votes

  • Game of Year: Star Wars - Jedi: Fallen Order
  • VR Game of Year: *Beat Saber
  • Labor of Love: Rainbow Six - Siege
  • Better with Friends: *Age of Empires II
  • Most Innovative Gameplay: Baba Is You
  • Outstanding Story-Rich Game: Plague Tale Innocence
  • Best Game You Suck At: Mortal Kombat 11
  • Outstanding Visual Style: Gris

*Was also my nominee. Happy to have contributed to getting two of my favorite games into 2 voting categories. I was really hoping against hope that Labor of Love would get Helldivers as voting option as well.

Out of all of these, the game I recommend most that everyone should look into and give a try is Baba Is You. If it wasn’t for games like this getting highlighted during awards season, I might never have learned of it. It is fantastic.


I’ll wish list Baba on Steam, hadn’t heard of. :slight_smile:

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Steam posted the user-voted 2019 Steam Games Award. To which I give a resounding raspberry sound. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

If you don’t feel like visiting the link, you lazybones, here’s a quick bulleted list of the games as voted on by delusional Steam users…

  • GOTY: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
  • VG GOTY: Beat Saber
  • Labor of Love: Grand Theft Auto V
  • Better With Friends: DayZ
  • Most Innovative Gameplay: My Friend Pedro
  • Outstanding Story-Rich Game: A Plague Tale: Innocence
  • Best Game You Suck At: Mortal Kombat 11
  • Outstanding Visual Style: Gris

Side-scroller shooter My Friend Pedro is the only game I have that’s on the awards list. It’s reasonably entertaining but not really in the long term and arguably its bullet time slo mo gimmick has been done by Max Payne and numerous other games.

I’d voted for spherical planet shooter Battle Planet if only because its spherical planet viewpoint/environs schtick does feel like something fresh.

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Looks like I voted with the majority on 4 categories.

I have played My Friend Pedro. I think it is a nice game but I stick with my choice of Baba Is You for most innovative gameplay. As you said, the bullet time stuff has been done many times.